dimanche 15 novembre 2015

MV Greenland, first LNG- propelled cement tanker to be launched by tewaterlate in the Netherlands

Launching a 109 meter long and 15 meter wide vessel in a tiny waterway is highly technical. However, Ferus Smit shipyard, located in Westerbroek in the Netherlands, close to Groningen, openly masters this process, as shown in the video.
On Saturday, October 31st, MV Greenland, a cement cargo, was launched by tewaterlate, which is  a process hardly used in Europe, particularly for so long a vessel. Spectators took place at a safe distance in order to avoid the huge wave propelled by the launch of this giant of the seas. Neither attenders nor site employees have been stroked by water. The road along the canal has been closed for the occasion.
The merchant vessel MV Greenland is 109 meter long and 15 meter wide and has a storage capacity of 7,200 tons. This is the first cement vessel to adopt LNG in the world, as fuel for propulsion.

A drone has filmed this impressive launching.