jeudi 22 janvier 2015, a success story in energy comparators' field

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"L'Usine Nouvelle", on Jan. 19th., the success story of Lot et Garonne’s booming jewel

Located in Agen Agropole (Lot-et-Garonne department), this Website compares offers in energy, telecoms and health insurances for households. Since the last eighteen months, this start-up has created more than forty jobs.
In Lot-et-Garonne department, which is a rural territory, growth has taken people aghast. Between 2009 and today, its turnover has increased from €3,5 million to €8 million. Moreover, within two years, the company working force has jumped from 31 to 76 employees. In November, was compelled to add 200 square metres to its offices.
The idea came from the present CEO, Gaël Duval, who got the idea of launching, a free comparator for households in energy, telecoms and health insurance, when he packed and moved. “That’s an idea combined with an opportunity: I saw that the current invoices of households became too high in their budgets, then came the opening of the energy market to competition.” The Website charges its remuneration through commissions paid by the service providers enrolled in its offers.


In 2009, Gaël Duval made an important step forward by collaborating with Philippe Goold, DSLvalley boss, which is the first historic ADSL offers comparator. Together they boost the first rank in the sector of French comparators in energy and telecoms, rated by the number of annual concluded agreements.
Today, Philippe Goold is the managing director of Together with Gaël Duval, he intends to enter international markets. “We intend to develop in Belgium and Spain”, Philippe Goold says. But the duo will carry on diversifying activities in France. “We intend to become expert brokers in real estate and consumption loans”, he adds. favours major ambitions and targets a turnover amounting to €30 million in 2019.